At Kellock Lodge Alexandra, we pride ourselves on providing a fresh and seasonal menu with the assistance of our dietician. The Dietician reviews the menu annually.

We value your input, and strive to make sure that your preferences are reflected as much as possible.

Between mealtimes we provide mid-morning, afternoon tea and supper so there’s always something to delight your taste-buds.

Happy hour every Friday in the bar area is popular. We have coffee clubs in our café, invitation breakfast, and themed days where we experience different foods from around the world.

The future offers us opportunity to introduce foods from different cultures as Australia embraced immigration during the 50s and all the culinary delights on offer, our new residents and those in the future have had the life experience of enjoying food for all over the world, our menu’s will start to reflect this.

  • Choice of menu
  • Cultural day celebrations
  • Freshly prepared meals
  • Menus designed with dietician input


Our environment team maintain a clean and safe home, Residents individual needs are attended to personally, offering resident’s choice. Personalised laundry service

Courtyard gardens that offer protected space with shaded and sunny positions, large outside lawn areas with mature trees in a park like setting.

In the future we are looking at revamping the front Gardens and incorporating transportable raised garden beds.

New work trolleys and equipment has been purchased for both catering and environment departments, these purchases have improved the OH&S for the staff, providing a more streamline service to the residents.

  • Personalising your room
  • Laundry service
  • Quiet sitting rooms for reading
  • Larger lounge’s with picture windows