The landscape of the care needs of residents at Kellock Lodge is ever changing. With Aging in Place Kellock now has a much higher percentage of high care residents living at the facility.

With an increase in high care needs comes an increase in demand for staff and increased staff education.

Kellock Lodge through implementation of Quality Systems and ongoing review of procedures strive to improve health outcomes and ensure the sustainability of the Aged Care within the community. Safety and quality is central to the delivery of health care, and considerations about safety and quality are embedded in all systems across all departments at Kellock Lodge.

In this context there is ongoing opportunity to build on the wide range of work that has been carried out over the last 12 months to continually improve safety and quality in the facility.

Kellock has been met with some challenges over the past 12 months, foremost the non-compliance in 7 of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency Standards (AACQA). This ensured a full review of all systems and procedures within the facility.

Within three months with the guidance and assistance of Michelle Harcourt and Marg Foulsom of Harcourt Aged Care Advisors the facility again achieved compliance with a firm Continuous Quality Improvement plan to ensure ongoing improvement.

The Care team created a new structure, improved culture, changed shift times and lengths and worked strongly together to achieve implementation of multiple new systems, team culture and processes and continue to work hard to embed the changes into every day practice to ensure delivery of high-quality care to residents. The commitment and focus of all members of the care team is exceptional and the AACQA report received following the three-month review visit indicated this was noted.
Care delivery focuses on individual needs and preferences along with striving to provide best practice in care.

Services available to residents throughout the year include: Optometry, Dental, Podiatry, Pharmacy, Wound Consultant, Diabetes Educator, Physiotherapy, General Practitioners, Psychiatry, Dietetics and Audiology.

The Lifestyle department develops individualised programs for residents along with multiple group activities including outings using the Kellock bus. Lifestyle offer a variety of activities which residents can participate in, residents have input into the program through discussion with staff and through Resident meetings.  Lifestyle provides opportunity for residents to enjoy company with others, enjoy hobbies, take on new challenges and socialise. There is also time spent individually for those who do not enjoy group activities.

Staff education has included: Communication, Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration, Infection Control, Fire and Evacuation and Dementia. All staff are required to complete a suite of mandatory training modules annually along with other training sessions. Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses are required to complete 30 hours of professional development every year for maintenance of registration.

One hundred per cent of the care team were immunised for Influenza for 2018, this exceeds the state average for facility immunisation and staff are congratulated for their commitment and understanding of the importance of this immunisation working in Aged Care. At the time of report, we have had no episodes of influenza in 2018.

In 2018 Kellock Lodge has added the services of a Nurse Practitioner – Steve Voogt. Steve is an expert in Gerontology, specialising in dementia and behaviours in Aged Care. Steve attends Kellock every Tuesday along with telephone communication with care staff during the week as needed. This increase the amount of expert medical review accessible by the residents. Steve communicates with GPs following visits to ensure a team-based approach to care is consistent.

In conclusion a massive thank you to the care staff team for their commitment and team work in achieving Accreditation through implementation of massive change. The support of the care team for residents and care delivery is second to none and they should be congratulated for their ongoing efforts.

Cassandra Fraser,
Manager Clinical Care